Music for September 2017

St Mary’s Music Ministry

Gloria: REMAINS Number 881 by Owen Alstott

Mass Settings: Mass of Christ the Savior, Dan Schutte,

Responsorial Psalm and Alleluia: Response and Acclaim ONLY

9/3 Labor Day weekend

Lift high the cross                                          713

All that is hidden                                           502

Loving and forgiving                                     663

America the beautiful                                    652

 9/6 youth choir. 6:00


O God, our help in ages past                          442

Prayer of St Francis                                       522

Eye has not seen                                            460

Eternal Father, strong to save                        624

 No Choir practice this week 


Come Christians, join to sing                         547

Open my eyes Lord                                       390

Ubi Caritas                                                     478

Amazing Grace              431

 9/21 Choir practice 6:30

9/24 Beth is off

Holy, holy. Holy                                            M38

Your words are spirit and life                        591

Shepherd me O god                                       457

Lord whose love in humble service                614




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