Music for Advent 2016

St Mary’s Music Ministry

Musical selections

November 27, 2016-December 25, 2016

Advent – Christmas


Mass Settings: During Advent, CHANT MASS then Christmas Eve back to Mass of Christ the savior, Dan Schutte

Responsorial Psalm and Alleluia: Response and Acclaim ONLY


NOTE: Father Joe  has requested austerity in the music as we await our savior’s birth – so there will be no processional or recessional. Ill leave it to the organists’ to play something seasonal of your choice but Id ask that O Come, O come Emmanuel be out default piece at least once a Sunday. THANK YOU!!

11/24 Thanksgiving:  no Choir practice

11/27, First Sunday of Advent

Maranatha                                                       M54

Bread of Life                                                  M57

12/1. Choir 6:30

12/4, Second Sunday of Advent

Hail Mary, gentle woman                               702

O Holy Mary                                                  699


12/11, Third Sunday of Advent


Waiting in silence                                           M23

A voice cries out                                             M26

12/15 Choir 6:30

12/18, Fourth Sunday in Advent


The angel Gabriel from heaven came            M24

Bread of Life                                                  M57


12/24 Christmas Eve

4 pm Beth, Children’s choir and Richard

 6 pm Beth, Mathew, Andrew

 Midnight mass Beth, Richard

O come all ye Faithful                                                M65

The first Nowell                                              M90

Communion: O holy night solo or duet, PLUS:

Away in a Manger                                          M60

Silent Night                                                    M70

Joy to the World                                             M61



12/25 Christmas Day Dina and Richard, 9 and 10:30

O come all ye Faithful                                                M65

Away in a manger                                          M60

The first Nowell                                              M90

Joy to the World                                             M61