Music for September 2016

St Mary’s Music Ministry

Musical selections

Gloria: REMAINS Number 881 by Owen Alstott

Mass Settings: Mass of Christ the Savior, Dan Schutte,

Responsorial Psalm and Alleluia: Response and Acclaim ONLY

9/4 Labor Day weekend- No Music

I heard the Voice of Jesus                              460

Come to the water                                          609

We have been told                                         511

Eternal Father strong to save                         633



The King of love my shepherd is                   466

Prayer of St Francis                                       527

On Eagles Wings                                           432

America, the Beautiful                                   632

Thursday 9/15 at 6:30. Junior Choir Begins!


From all that dwell below the skies                542

Your words are spirit and Life                       596

Shepherd me o God                                       464

Hymn to Joy                                                  535

No Choir Practice

9/25 Beth is off

All creatures of our God and King                 539

O Beauty, ever ancient                                   523

Gift of finest wheat                                        324

Lord whose love in humble service                623

Youth choir is back next week!

Music for August

St Mary’s Music Ministry

Musical selections

August 2016



Mass Settings: Heritage Mass, Owen Alstott

Responsorial Psalm and Alleluia: Response and Acclaim ONLY


I sing the Mighty power of God           423

The sacrifice of Praise                         552

Take and eat (this is new but I sing it a lot at funerals and it beautiful!!) 360

Theres a wideness in Gods mercy        488



Lift High the cross                               720

Psalm 42, as the deer longs                  492

Bread of Life                                       320

Hail holy Queen                                  M32


8/15 The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary(If we have mass)

Song of Mary                                       699

O Holy Mary                                       706

Hail Mary, Gentle woman                   711

Hail, Holy Queen                                 M32



All creatures of our God and King       539

How Great thou art                              420

One bread, One body                           342

How can I keep from singing               434



How Firm a foundation                       725

Come to the water                                609

Loving and forgiving                           671

Holy God, we praise thy name             M24