Music for March and Easter

Mass Settings: Chant Mass settings with Latin Agnus Dei

Note: All processionals and recessionals are instrumental throughout Lent

Heritage Mass settings after Easter

Responsorial Psalm and Alleluia: Response and Acclaim

3/3/  Choir Practice 6:30

3/6/16 Fourth Sunday of Lent

Amazing Grace                        428

Christ be our light                     601

3/10 Choir Practice 6:30

3/13/16 Fifth Sunday in Lent<PLUS Daylight savings! Clocks forward!

What wondrous love is this       479

With the Lord there is Mercy    669

Choir 3/17 at 6:30

3/20 Palm Sunday

All Glory, Laud and honor                                   M 43

O sacred head surrounded                                     M 53

Jesus the Lord                                                       731

Recessional: Lift high the cross                        720

Choir Wednesday 3/23 at 6:30

3/24 Thursday of the Lords supper/Holy Thursday: Richard and Beth

Processional: Lift high the cross                       720

Gloria: Heritage mass                                           881

Washing of the feet: Ubi caritas                       478

We remember                                                       497

Taste and see                                                        328

Transfer of Eucharist/Sing my tongue(Pange Lingua)       M?, page

3/25 Good Friday: 3:00 Richard, Beth, Children’s choir

Jesus remember me/sing 3 times                            409

Gospel acclamation resp/acclaim                           p.62

Stations of the cross:

After 4th station: At the cross her station keeping    M39

After 5th station: Jesus remember me                      409

11th station, after let us pray: Were you there          M57

12th station, after silent prayer:Jesus remember me 409

13th station, after reader: At the cross                     M39

Carrying Jesus silently: Richard to play DRAMATIC MUSIC (!!)

Processing with cross 3x’s: Behold the wood          M???

During veneration: Jesus remember me                  409

3/25/16 Good Friday: 7pm, Richard and Dina

(No processional or recessional music)

Psalm and gospel acclamation/ respond and acclaim p. 62

Veneration of the cross: Jesus remember me          409

Communion: Shepherd me o god                           464

3/26/16  Easter Vigil: David and Beth

Blessing of fire and lighting of Easter candle

Exsultet: Beth sings

Psalms: #1, page 64…#3,page 67….#5, page 69

Gloria – Heritage mass                                          886

Resp.psalm  Page 72

Gospel acclamation: Celtic alleluia                        382

(Litany of saint’s                                                  m12 p. 60)

Sprinkling of the assembly/We shall draw water    823

Offertory: The lord is my light                               688

Communion: Christ be our light                             M61

Closing: Jesus Christ is risen today                        M68

3/27/16 Easter Sunday : 7:30= David/Dina 9:00 Beth/David/Adult choir

10:30 Beth/Richard/children’s choir

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Processional: Jesus Christ is Risen today               M68

Sprinkling of water: Springs of water                     M83

Offering: Ye sons and daughter                             M77

Communion: 1 – The strife is o’er                         566

Communion 2 if needed – Christ the Lord is           M82

Communion 3 – I know that my redeemer              576

Recessional: Alleluia! Alleluia!                             M75

Thank our choir for all their hard work this past Holy Week!

No choir practice Thursday 3/31