Music for January 2016

Note: If anyone has video from the Christmas Pageant I can upload to this website.  This site is linked to the St Mary Parish website

St Mary’s Music Ministry

January 2016

Mass Settings: Christ the savior, Dan Schutte

Responsorial Psalm and Alleluia: Response and Acclaim ONLY

No Choir Practice  Thursday 12/31  

1/3 Epiphany

We three Kings                                  M89

Silent night                                          M74

What child is this?                                  M91

Hark! The herald angels sing            M68

10:30 Rite of Covenant

All Creatures of God and King            546

We three Kings                                  M89

One Bread One Body                          348

Hark! The herald angels sing            M68

Choir Practice resumes  Thursday 1/7/2016  at 6:30

1/10/16 Baptism of The Lord

When Jesus comes to be baptized     M94

Come to the water                                  609

I have loved you                                      608

Holy God, we praise they name            M127

Choir Practice Thursday at 6:30


Come Christians, join to sing            556

As the deer longs                                 492

Eat this bread                                        331

The churches one foundation            412

Choir Practice Thursday at 6:30


Holy, Holy, Holy                              M138

All that is hidden                               504

Your words are spirit and life           596

How firm a foundation                     725

10:30 Grade 5 Liturgy

Children of Tomorrow, Children of Today

Choir Practice Thursday at 6:30


Praise my soul, the King of  heaven  561

Christians let us love one another     476

Ubi Caritas                                       478

Christ before us                                410