Easter and Music for April

Mass Settings: Chant Mass settings with Latin Agnus dei then Heritage Mass settings
Responsorial Psalm and Alleluia: Response and Acclaim ONLY

4/2Holy Thursday: Richard and Beth
Processional: Lift high the cross 725
Gloria: Heritage mass 886
Washing of the feet: Ubi caritas 482
We remember 502
Taste and see 332
Transfer of Eucharist/Sing my tongue M6, page 21

4/3/15 Good Friday: 3:00 Richard, Beth, Children’s choir
Jesus remember me/sing 3 times 412
Gospel acclamation resp/acclaim p.64
Stations of the cross:
After 4th station: At the cross her station keeping M39
After 5th station: Jesus remember me 412
11th station, after let us pray: Were you there M57
12th station, after silent prayer:Jesus remember me 412
13th station, after reader: At the cross M39
Caring Jesus silently: Richard to play DRAMATIC MUSIC (!!)
Processing with cross 3x’s: Behold the wood M8 PAGE 34
During veneration: Jesus remember me 412

4/3/15 Good Friday: 7 pm, Richard and Dina
(No processional or recessional music)
Psalm and gospel acclamation/ respond and acclaim p. 64
Veneration of the cross: Jesus remember me 412
Communion: Shepherd me o god 470

4/4/15 Easter Vigil: David and Beth
Blessing of fire and lighting of Easter candle
Exsultet: Beth sings
Psalms: #1, page 66…#3,page 69….#5, page 71
Gloria – Heritage mass 886
Resp.psalm Page 75
Gospel acclamation: Celtic alleluia 381
Litany of saint’s m12 p. 60
Sprinkling of the assembly/We shall draw water 828
Offertory: The lord is my light 688
Communion: Christ be our light M62
Closing: Jesus Christ is risen today M69

4/5/15 Easter Sunday : 7:30= David/Dina 9:00 Beth/David
10:30 Beth/Richard/children’s choir
Return to Heritage Mass settings , number 886
Procesional: Jesus Christ is Risen today M69
Sprinkling of water: Springs of water M89
Offering: Ye sons and daughter M78
Communion: 1 – The strife is o’er 571
Communion 2 if needed – Christ the Lord is M82
Communion 3 – I know that my redeemer 581
Recessional: Alleluia! Alleluia! M75

Rejoice, the Lord is King 733
How Great thou art 421
Eye has not seen 463
The strife is over 571

Jesus is Risen M64
All is well with my soul 471
Eat this bread 335
Alleluia, Alleluia M75

4/26/15 Good Shepherd Sunday
The king of love my Shepherd is 472
Shepherd me, O God 470
Gift of finest wheat 328
The church’s one foundation 420